Krishna prasang


My mother says that once Radha rani pretended to be sick to make lord Krishna to come and see her and lord krishna had gone dressed as a Vaidya.

This bhajan shows the feelings of love and devotion felt by RadhaRani for lord Krishna.How she is pinning to meet krishna!How she is sad by being away from her krishna!How she thinks about krishna every moment!

Here it goes!


Satao na hume logo hume dil ki bimari hai Humara vaid duniya me wahi baake bihari hai.

Lagake rog virha ka hume behaal kar dalaa(2)

Dawa dega wai aake usi ki intezaari hai(2)

Satao na hume logo hume dil ki bimari hai humara vaid duniya me wai bake bihari hai.

Mere sapno me hai mohan mere apno me hai mohan(2)

Jidhar jati nazar meri nazar ata hai manmohan(2)

Usi ke naam ki humko chadhi ab toh khumari hai(2)

Humara vaid duniya me wahi baake bihari hai.

Jhalak dikhla,lagakar rog,gae jane kaha dilbar(2)

Na dil ki dil me reh jae koi pucho zara aakar(2)

Koi dekho zara aakar yai vinti humari hai(2)

Yahi gam hai hume abi tak wo kyu nai aaye(2)

Hui kyaa bhool humse hai shyam ne thukraya hai(2)

Na maara hai na chhoda hai gazab ka wo shikari hai.

Satao na hume logo hume dil ki bimari hai Humara vaid duniya me wai baake bihari.

Radhe radhe.

My mother sings this song to the tunes of bollywood song “Na jhatko zulf se paani” of the movie “Shehnai”.-1964.



Prasang pangat milan divas

Welcome to the pangat

Me and my daughter welcome you to our bhajan mandli.

Let me start by introducing myself,my name my name is suman and i am a housewife mother of two who is not able to find much to say about herself.

It has always been my heartfelt desire to share my prasang bhajans with people.Not many things excite me by which i dont mean i am not satisfied but i consider myself to not be affected by materialistic pleasures.

One of the few things that really gives immense joy to me is singing bhajans..Yes bhajans kirtans prasangs whatever you call them if its about God i Sing them.And no i am not a professional.

If u are wondering why to start a blog then its to share with people like me all my collection and this seems the best and the most inexpensive way to do that(for me as well as for the beneficiaries☺)

I would like to tell you all that the prasangs that i will share are not my composition.Its a collection made over years with numerous sources including books, television ,people I have met over years in temples,buses,trains.Credit goes to all these people.I am only a medium to pass on these great songs hoping that they will be a help to everybody as they have been to me.

Hope they bring you joy.. radhe radhe.

P.s:The blog is created by me(the daughter) my mother doesnt understand this stuff but its all her feelings and while singing her bhajan to me she just wished that I want people to know these songs and she asked me to do something and said only I will care enough to do it so here is my attempt to make her wish come true.